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Ages_of_Adam_Calendar_Quiz is designed to challenge timeemits readers with 20 questions about ancient Holy Bible calendars and lunar/solar calendars in general. Try the quiz and check yourself using the answers shown below. The Quiz covers general calendar questions from Ages_of_Adam.

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Ages_of_Adam_Quiz covers general calendar questions from Ages_of_Adam.

1.  A __________ is a multiple of ten years.
a. century       b. decade
c. millenium    d. era

2.  The modern Gregorian Calendar year adds leap day every 4 years until centurial years not evenly divisible by __________ occurs.
a. lunar based
b. 365 and 1/4 days
c. 400
d. a Russian Czar

3.  The Old Testament primarily uses the __________ for time reckoning.
a. Mayan Calendar
b. Egyptian Calendar
c. Jewish Calendar
d. Christian Era

4.  Lunar/Solar Calendars are the __________ form of calendar system.
a. most recent
b. strictly religious
c. planetary
d. oldest

5.  The three oldest calendars in recorded history are the __________.
a. Jewish
b. Egyptian
c. Mesoamerican
d. all above

6.  The Judeo-Christian Creative Week is deeply rooted in __________.
a. solar eclipses
b. lunar phase observations
c. the star Sirius
d. the planet Venus

7.  Natural astronomy of the moon, sun and stars is fundamental to __________ and lunar/solar calendars.
a. monotheism
b. polytheism
c. astrology
d. all above

8.  The Jewish Calendar spreads 7-lunar months or about __________ of intercalation over a 19-year Metonic cycle.
a. 210-days
b. 209-days
c. 105-days
d. 20-years

9.  The Jewish Calendar usually intercalates lunar months by alternating _______________ months and _____________ months every 2 or 3 years.
a. 28-day, 29-day
b. 29-day, 30-day
c. 30-day, 31-day
d. none of the above

10.  Three different lengths of common Jewish Calendar years are:__________, __________ or __________. a. 354, 355 or 356-days
b. 353, 354 or 355-days
c. 360, 364 or 365-days
d. 365, 384 or 385-days

11.  Three different lengths of Jewish Calendar leap years are: __________, __________ or __________. a. 353, 354 or 355-days
b. 354, 355 or 356-days
c. 383, 384 or 385-days
d. 365, 384 or 385-days

12.  Ancient cultures that once used 19-year or 20-year l/s cycle variants include __________.
a. Chinese
b. Greek
c. Mesoamerican
d. all above

13.  Every lunar year of 12-moon-months requires about ______________ to catch-up the lunar-side of the calendar with the solar-side of the calendar.
a. 7-days
b. 10-days
c. 1-lunar-month
d. 11-days

14.  Lunar/solar calendar systems insert __________ or __________ intercalary days over a 19-year or 20-year lunar/solar cycle.
a. 209-days
b. 210-days
c. a. and/or b.
d. 7-lunar-months

15.  The Old Testament employs the __________ form of the Jewish lunar/solar calendar.
a. 52-year Jubilee Cycle
b. 20-year Metonic
c. original
d. all above

16.  Genesis 1:4 explains in the literal Hebrew definition, that God is __________ or __________ day and night.
a. watching, commanding
b. the sun, moon during
c. the earth, stars during
d. between, separating

17.  Ancient theology advances __________ from the literal Hebrew viewpoint to show God existing between lunar-side time and solar-side time.
a. lunar calendars only
b. solar calendars only
c. lunar/solar calendars
d. space calendar time

18.  The Jewish Calendar’s Feast of first Fruits compares with the Christian New Testament __________ celebration.
a. Christmas
b. Easter
c. Passover
d. Pentecost

19.  Ancient lunar/solar calendar systems practiced a standard midpoint position having __________ between lunar years and solar years.
a. 354-days
b. 360-days
c. 360-years
d. 365-days

20.  Ages_of_Adam employs a ____________________ tool, which has a lunar-side component and a solar-side component.
a. numerical matching
b. lunar/solar time split
c. sacred pillar
d. 260-day-Tzolken-sacred-year

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Answers 1-20

1.   b. decade
2.   c. 400
3.   c. Jewish Calendar
4.   d. oldest
5.   d. all above
6.   a. lunar phase observations.
7.   d. all above
8.   b. 209-days
9.   b. 29-day, 30-day
10. b. 353, 354 or 355-days
11. c. 383, 384 or 385-days
12. d. all above
13. d. 11-days
14. c. a. and/or b.
15. c. original
16. d. between, separating
17. c. lunar/solar calendars
18. d. Pentecost
19. b. 360-days
20. b. lunar/solar time split

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