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Egyptian_Calendar_Quiz challenges timeemits readers with 20 questions about ancient Egyptian culture and the associated Egyptian Calendar as used by Ages_of_Adam and the Holy_of_Holies. Try the quiz and check yourself using the answers shown below. The Quiz covers general Egyptian Calendar questions from timeemits. The Egyptian Calendar Quiz focuses upon special math from 1461 Year Sothic Cycle, page 41 in Ages_of_Adam.

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Egyptian_Calendar_Quiz covers general calendar questions from Ages_of_Adam and Holy_of_Holies.

1.  O’sirus played an important leadership role in ancient Egyptian polytheism.
a. True
b. False

2.  Sirius Major (dog star) identifies with the Egyptian god __________________.
a. Nut
b. Isis
c. Osirus
d. Seth
3.  Standing stones or obelisks provide a way to sight rising and setting positions ____________________________.
a. on the horizon
b. for fixed culture
c. at equinoxes and solstices
d. all above

4.  The Sothic Cycle was a cascaded time concept that spanned ___________ using 365-day-solar-years.
a. 800-years
b. 1,461-years
c. 364-years
d. 365-years

5.  The solar-side component of the Egyptian Calendar includes 12-moon-months of 30-days each, and a special 5-day feast period that began with __________ ___________.
a. fall harvest
b. summer solstice
c. spring equinox
d. winter solstice

6.  One 1,461-year Sothic Cycle includes: __________________.

a. 4 x 365-years,
plus 1 leap year
b. 1,460-years of
c. 1,460 pyramids
d. Passover calculations

7.  Genesis 5:23 mentions the lifetime of Enoch was _________________.
a. 364-days
b. 365-years
c. in the Book of Enoch
d. in the Dead
Sea Scrolls

8.  The legendary Egyptian O’sirus and Mesoamerican Quetzacoatl __________________________.
a. were the same star
b. have similar
resurrection myths
c. are part of the
Jewish Calendar
d. were planetary dieties
9.  Literal meanings for Adam and Eve illustrate the generic ____________.
a. personal names
b. sun and moon
c. man and woman
d. a. and c.

10.  Early theology aligned the solar-side of lunar/solar calendars with
a. the sun
b. the male gender
c. the stars
d. a. and b

11.  The lunar side of lunar/solar calendars closely links with _________.
a. Eve
b. the moon
c. a 7-day-week
d. all above

12.  A 364-day calendar year was likely practiced in ______________ and by Jewish people using the __________________________.
a. early Egypt, 19-year
Metonic Cycle
b. Mesoamerica, Katun
20-year l/s cycle
c. early Egypt, 50-year
Jubilee Cycle
d. Mesopotamia,
20-year l/s cycle

13.  Genesis 5 records the ________________ and ___________________.
a. Venus story,
calendar times
b. children,
c. family of Moses,
d. Antediluvian
calendar times

14.  Baal and Astaroth were a pagan ___________________________.
a. ritual
b. god and goddess
c. binary star
d. place(s)

15.  Babylonian influence related to Jewish 19-year lunar/solar calendar use is evident from ________________________.
a. the New Testament
b. the Old Testament
c. alternative sacred texts
d. all above

16.  Ancient calendars used _____________ ____________ to associate
 X-number of days with X-number of years.
a. sacred scriptures
b. numerical
c. intense
d. calendar records

17.  The New Testament (NIV) mention that Enoch did
 not experience death is found in _________________________.
a. John 3:15
b. Mark
c. Hebrews 11:5
d. Matthew 1:1

18.  The main style of ancient lunar/solar calendars was the __________________ of time.
a. omission
b. naming
c. halving and
d. numbering

19.  Anniversaries and holidays are not part of history until after they happen. a. True
b. False

20.  Ages_of_Adam and Holy_of_Holies apply ___________ __________ to explore time recorded in Genesis.
a. historical evidence
b. calendar tools
c. ancient calendars
d. prophetic scripture
e. all above

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Answers 1-20

1.    a. True
2.    c. Osirus
3.    d. all above
4.    a. 1,461-years
5.    d. winter solstice
6.    a. 4 x 365-years, plus 1 leap year
7.    b. 365-years
8.    b. have similar resurrection myths
9.    c. man and woman.
10.  d. a. and b
11.  d. all above
12.  d. Mesopotamia, 20-year l/s cycle
13.  d. Antediluvian Patriarchs, calendar times
14.  b. god and goddess
15.  d. all above
16.  b. numerical matching
17.  c. Hebrews 11:5
18.  c. halving and doubling
19.  a. True
20.  e. all above

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