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Mayan_Calendar_Quiz is designed to challenge timeemits readers with 20 questions about the ancient Mayan Calendar as used by Ages_of_Adam and the Holy_of_Holies. Try the quiz and check yourself using the answers shown below. The Quiz covers general Mayan Calendar questions from timeemits.

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Mayan_Calendar_Quiz covers general calendar questions from Ages_of_Adam.

1.  Dots or ellipses represent _________ in Mayan Calendar glyph pictures.
a. decades
b. weeks
c. full moons
d. single days

2.  The 260-day-Tzolken-sacred-year develops from 20-periods of __________ each.
a. 13-days
b. 18-days
c. 13-kins
d. a. and c.
3.  The 360-day-Tun-civil-year is comprised of 18-Uinals that have ________ per Uinal.
a. 20-days
b. 18-days
c. 13-kins
d. none

4.  The 260-day-Tzolken-sacred-year and 365-day-Haab-solar-year combine in the ___________ Calendar Round.
a. 20-year
b. Mesopotamian
c. 52-year
d. 360-day-Tun-year

5.  The special last 5-days of the 365-day-Haab-solar-year are the Nameless Days or ________________.
a. Tun
b. Wayeb
c. Katun
d. Uinal

6.  Katun adds a prefix before Tun, which modifies the meaning to become ______________.

a. 400-Tun-years.
b. 7,200-days.
c. 20-Tun-years.
d. b. and c.

7.  Baktun adds a prefix before Tun, which modifies the meaning to become ___________________.
a. 400-Tun-years.
b. 20-Tun-years.
c. 144,000-days.
d. a. and c.

8.  Aztec, Incan and Mayan Calendars were sister Mesoamerican Calendars that use similar mathematics.
a. True
b. False
9.  The 5200-year Great Cycle includes 5200-Tun-years and may include provisions for ___________________________________.
a. up to 26,000 years
b. 5200-Haab-years
c. a. and b.
d. Artic Circle

10.  The 400-year Baktun Cycle segment of the Mayan Calendar repeats 13 times for the ___________________________.
a. 5200-day-cycle
b. 5200-Tun-year
Great Cycle
c. Katun 20-years
d. b. and c.

11.  The final 260-day-Tzolken-sacred-year in the _______________________ multiplies 52-Tun-years x 5-Wayeb-days.
a. 400-year Baktun cycle
b. 20-year l/s cycle
c. 52-year
Calendar Round
d. 360-day-Tun-year

12.  An 800-year Generation Cycle is equal to _______________.
a. 2 Baktun cycles
b. 2 x 400-Tun-Years
c. 800-Tun-Years
d. all above

13.  Stelae sacred pillars were erected following Katun 20-year cycles in _________________.
a. England
b. Mesopotamia
c. Mesoamerica
d. Easter Island

14.  Mesoamerican lunar/solar calendars intercalated 210-days of l/s time split for every Katun 20-year lunar/solar cycle.
a. True
b. False

15.  Numerical matching enables the last day of a ___________________ to cascade time
with X-number of years.
a. 354-day-lunar-year
b. 364-day-calendar-year
c. 365-day-solar-year
d. 20-year-l/s-cycle

16. The Dresden Codex is an important document that lists five planetary cycles of _________.
a. Mars
b. Jupiter
c. Venus
d. Mercury

17. Vigesimal means a mathematical base _____ numbering system.
a. 52
b. 20
c. digits
d. 364

18. Jewish Calendar Sabbath continuity regarding ____________ are unrecognized in the classical Mayan Calendar.
a. 30-day months
b. Rosh Hashanah
c. Easter
d. 7-day weeks

19.  A common dating method for Mayan artifacts is __________.
a. Pre-Columbian
b. Before Columbus
c. Before Christ
d. both a. and b.

20. Ages_of_Adam numerically matches a 260-day-Tzolken-sacred-year with a 260-year-Tzolken-sacred-cycle.
a. True
b. False
c. Sometimes
d. Never

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Answers 1-20

1.    d. single days
2.    d. a. and c.
3.    a. 20-days
4.    c. 52-year
5.    b. Wayeb
6.    d. b. and c.
7.    d. a. and c.
8.    a. True
9.    c. a. and b.
10.  b. 5200-Tun-year Great Cycle
11.  c. 52-year Calendar Round
12.  d. all of the above
13.  a. Mesoamerica
14.  a. True
15.  c. 365-day-solar-year
16.  c. Venus
17.  b. 20
18.  d. 7-day weeks
19.  d. both a. and b.
20.  a. True

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