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Video transcript Ancient_Lunar/Solar_Bible_Calendars and Supernatural at youtube.com timeemits channel includes Ages of Adam Presentation with text, slides and clips. Genesis definitions for Lunar and Solar Time Splits, book materials, and ISBN introduce the ministry.

Ancient_Lunar/Solar_Bible_Calendars_and_Supernatural 13:47

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Welcome to the Ages_of_Adam presentation. This presentation gives you an overview for the Time Emits Ages_of_Adam website. We will be working with ancient lunar/solar calendars and those calendars that help us understand the calendars of the Holy Bible. My name is Clark Nelson. I am the author of Ages_of_Adam and webmaster for timeemits.com.

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Slide 1 of the presentation shows the Ages_of_Adam cover design. The moon at the top is for the lunar-side and the sun symbolizes the solar-side of the lunar/solar calendar. The blue star represents the Jewish lunar/solar calendar and the red cross embodies Christianity. Ages_of_Adam is subtitled: Ancient Calendars of the Holy Bible. History and spirituality are combined in this amazing Bible study. Calendar research penetrates to the core of time.

Ages_of_Adam Presentation, Cover with ISBN 1-59109-557-3


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Ancient Calendars Measure Time: Jewish, Egyptian, Mayan Dates
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Slide2pc50b.pngAncient calendars measure time according to the sun, moon and stars. There are three forms of ancient calendars to consider. All three types of calendars measure differences between lunar months and solar-sun time in the same way. The oldest lunar/solar calendar systems known are the Jewish Calendar, Egyptian Calendar and Mesoamerican Calendars (formerly Sun Kingdoms Calendars of Mesoamerica).

The Aztec, Incan and Mayan calendars were Mesoamerican sister calendars that all share similar lunar/solar calendar mathematics. Each calendar system spans hundreds to thousands of years. For example, the Jewish Calendar dates from 3761 BCE, or Before Common (Christian) Era. The Egyptian Calendar estimate begins 4236 BCE. Mesoamerican Calendars began about 3113 BCE. Over the course of many lunar/solar cycles, time accumulates.

Foundational lunar/solar calendar patterns are present in the early chapters of Genesis. If you had something that was; say a hundred years old, it would likely be worth a great deal. Something 500 years old is worth even more and may belong in a museum somewhere. An artifact that is 1000, 2000, or even 5000 years old becomes a national treasure. At 10,000 years old or more, we are sure the item is priceless to the world. Any Holy Bible has this information. You may have the written knowledge in your home right now. Lunar/solar calendars allow us to understand time as the ancient people once did.

Four Phases of the Moon
Moon as the Earliest Calendar
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Slide3pc50b.pngI will begin with some elementary patterns concerning the moon. Figure 1 shows the Four Phases of the Moon. Our modern calendar is of course, based upon twelve months. A lunar-moon-month always includes 4 phases: new moon, first quarter, full moon and the last, fourth quarter. The sacred seven-day-week was used in ancient Bible times to measure the 4 phases of the moon. The typical ancient lunar month was 29 or 30 days. In the time of Noah, months were counted using 30-days. Average lunar months of 29.5-days are close to the more precise 29.53-days. We are not directly talking about the Creative Week, although most Jewish historians agree the moon and lunar phases were fundamental to early scripture. The moon was the earliest calendar instrument.

Changes in the appearances of the moon provided the seven-day week. Originating with ancient interpretations of lunar time, divisions of seven-days separate the four basic lunar phases. By actual observation, ancient calendar makers recorded approximations. A lunar month was determined by sighting the new moon crescent. Lunar/solar calendar foundations of the Jewish calendar extend from the earliest verses of scripture. Natural, uniform motions of the heavenly spheres are the pivotal markers of lunar/solar time reckoning.

365 Day-Solar-Year and Eqn. 1 Ages_of_Adam p. 18
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Intercalary days are added to the lunar year of twelve-moon-months in order to complete our modern solar year of 365-days. The necessary intercalary days are best described as lunar/solar separation time by "God coming between" lunar and solar times. Twelve lunar months multiply by an average 29.5-day month for 354-days to approximate the lunar year in equation 1. The moon measures the lunar-side of the lunar/solar calendar.

Eqn. 1.   29.5 Days per Lunar Month
              x 12 Lunar Months LS Calendar Year
           = 354 Days per Lunar Year

Get Ancient_LS_Bible_Calendars_and_Supernatural_Video_&_Script  includes Ages_of_Adam slides and clips. Genesis definitions for Lunar/Solar Time Splits, book materials, and ISBN introduce the ministry. First video trial using a presentation format.

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11 Days Lunar/Solar Time Split and Eqn. 2 Ages_of_Adam p. 18, Slide5pc50b.png 0:15
Eqn. 2.  365 Day-Solar-Year
-354 Day-Lunar-Year
=  11 Days of Lunar/Solar Separation Time Split every year is key to L/S systems
10.5 – 11 Days L/S Approximations in ancient calendar reckoning were common

•    Lunar-side = 354 Day-Lunar-Year
•    Midpoint of Lunar/Solar Calendar Year = 360 Days
•    Solar-side = 365 Day-Solar-Year

Author's Note: Situated midway between 354-day lunar years and 365-day solar years was the very ancient form of 360-day calendar year. Some 12-lunar-months of 30-days each count to achieve years. Naked eye observation naturally results in diverging lunar and solar calendar patterns. Lunar/solar calendars served to bridge the time gap with intercalary days. A 360-day midpoint year is an effective tool for deriving alternative lunar/solar calendar systems. The key to lunar/solar systems is 10-days or 11-days of separation time.

The transition from lunar-side to solar-side reckoning introduces the most vital component of lunar/solar calendars. Twelve moon-months of 29.5-days each count 354-days for a lunar year. The difference between a 365-day-solar-year and the 354-day-lunar-year is 11-days of lunar/solar separation time in equation 2. In order for the lunar-side to keep with the solar-side of the calendar, 11-days of lunar/solar separation time must be accounted for every year.

Human spirituality combines religious history with lunar/solar calendar observation. This is the ancient link to men and women. Female fertility cycles have always been associated with the moon. The moon and monthly periods are represented by Eve who was, “mother to all the living.” On the other side of the lunar/solar time channel, men were associated with daylight and the sun. Primitive theology assigned roles having male traits or masculinity with the standing stones of the Old Testament. The Ba-als were pagan deities that were identified by sacred pillars, which also marked the rising and setting positions of the sun on the horizon. For a society dependent on agriculture, the pregnant female Asteroth watched over neighboring farms and groves.

We are applying literal Hebrew meanings to some scriptures. For example, when God first divided day and night, He separated or came between, daylight and darkness. Lunar/solar calendar systems were built by expanding the idea of lunar/solar separation time. The lunar-side of the calendar refers to those times measured according to the moon. The solar-side refers to those times measured according the sun. A 365-day-solar-calendar-year is the most common calendar instrument throughout all of history and the companion to lunar timekeeping. The modern calendar rounds solar-side reckoning to either 365-days or 366-days during leap years. Ancient people were often aware of the minor leap day fraction and generally lunar/solar calendars were based upon sighting new crescent moons.

Lunar/solar calendar tools are developed to aid our reasoning. The Time Split is actually a very old concept that simply divides 11-days of lunar/solar separation time by two. To maintain calendar complete days, whole numbers were used for computations. The Time Split tool occurs at the 360-day midpoint for any lunar/solar calendar year.

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AoAI.pngThe first Ages_of_Adam video introduces you to the timeemits.com website. Presentation slides, videos and full text for Ages_of_Adam are available. You may order Ages_of_Adam in hard print edition from Amazon or CreateSpace.com. Search for the title: Ages_of_Adam, my name Clark Nelson, timeemits or ISBN 1-59109-557-3. You may also purchase the pdf download through Paypal-Payloadz eStore for only $9.95. Each section of Ages_of_Adam has a specific link. Other resources include articles and links to related sites.

We identified certain facets of ancient calendars, the Bible and associated pre-historical concepts leading to recorded time. Lunar months often counted 29.5-days or 30-days. Ancient people chose to think mainly in whole number terms and rounded lunar and solar measurements accordingly. Some cultures followed lunar phases as 7-day weeks. Equation 1 results in a 354-day-lunar-year. Others maintained solar-side reckoning, which regularly accompanies star and planetary aspects. Equation 2 subtracts 354-days from 365-days to amount 11-days lunar/solar separation time every single year. Nearly all ancient people relied upon some variation of lunar/solar calendar in order to maintain agricultural seasons.

Three subjects are of special concern: God, time and calendars. Please understand that I don’t want to offend anybody. We are dealing with quite possibly the oldest written evidence of lunar/solar calendar operation in Genesis, chapter 5. This portion of the Holy Bible is particularly sacred to me. Lunar/solar objectives suggest more at stake than figures. Calendar knowledge gave ancient people direct access to supernatural events. Some thirty years ago, I encountered an incident that irrevocably changed my life, not just physically, but eternally too. By testimony, I tell you I witnessed the writing on a page of a book disappear before my very eyes.  The book was about the Jewish calendar. Imagine my fear of God!

Time is natural, a uniform feature in our universe that simply happens. Time is an intangible thing that neither starts nor stops, nor changes. Calendars are man made.  Calendars and clocks are human inventions that serve to quantify time. Ancient religions purposely held feasts and festivals to insure sacred calendar information continued for generations to come. In the next video, you will learn more about ancient lunar/solar calendars. Early people knew how to split time and open doorways to the awesome power of God.

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