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Primary 65-Year Age of Mahalaleel is the fourth quarter division of the 260-year-Tzolken-sacred-cycle in the Primary Age Category of the Antediluvian Calendar. Genesis 5 lists the Patriarchs that include Adam, Seth, Enos, Cainan and Mahalaleel. Exchanges occur between Mayan Calendar 260-day-Tzolken-sacred-years and 360-day-Tun-years.

Primary 65-Year Age of Mahalaleel

Mayan 260-day-Tzolken-sacred-years divide into four equal quarters due to four cardinal Year Bearer days. Numerical matching and relevant cosmology carries over to the Lunar/Solar 260-year Tzolken-sacred-cycle. Dividing 260-Tun-years of 360-days each into four equal 65-Tun-year quarters follows suit. Basis for the 260-day-Tzolken-sacred-year rests with a 13-constellation zodiac. The 13-constellation zodiac probably includes our modern 12 star sign zodiac, more or less in the same configuration, and Ophiuchus as the Serpent Holder 13th sign between Scorpio and Sagittarius. Twenty-days separate star sign heliacal, dawn risings in the 260-day-Tzolken-sacred-year and 20-solar-years equaling 7300-days separate heliacal risings in the 400-year Baktun Cycle.

Numerically matched 360-day-Tun-years and 360-year-Tun-cycles serve to deify ancestors of ancient people. Twelve tribes of Israel compare with 12 signs in the ancient zodiac. Mayan elders elaborate that once there were 18 affiliated tribes represented by the stars. Ten-day or 20-day separations between star groups involve the 360-day zodiac. Decan star themes that preside over individual signs have variations that segment 360-days by either 18 or 36 parts. Similar quarterly divisions of the 360-day-Tun-year and the numerically matched 360-year-Tun-cycle upheld spiritual Tzolken observance. Cultural lore has passed this holy information down. Primary ages for the Antediluvian Patriarchs follow a pattern of lunar/solar divisions and resurrect them in our hearts and minds.

Genesis 5:15
"And Mahalaleel lived sixty and five years, and begat Jared:"

Mahalaleel Primary 65-Tun-year Age adds the fourth quarter to the Lunar/Solar 260-year Tzolken-sacred-cycle (Eqn. 1). Earlier active green conventions remain in effect for his Primary Age. Every year of the Lunar/Solar 260-year Tzolken-sacred-cycle is a 360-day-Tun-year. A 360-day-Tun-year is the generic 360-day midpoint length of year. Mahalaleel Primay 65-Tun-year Age continues the Lunar/Solar 260-year Tzolken-sacred-cycle after Enos Primary 90-Tzolken-sacred-year Age finishes the third quarter. Adam begins the Lunar/Solar 260-year Tzolken-sacred-cycle by sectioning Adam Primary 130-Tun-year Age (Genesis 5:3). Adam Primary 130-Tun-year Age divides 260-Tun-years into equal halves. Adam and Mahalaleel are Antediluvian Patriarchs that measure 360-day-Tun-years in the Primary Age Category. Adam (L/S) summarizes his First Patriarch identity within the Lunar/Solar 260-year Tzolken-sacred-cycle.

Adam Primary 130-Tun-year Age generates during Secondary Age Category Adam 400-year Baktun Cycle 1. Adam 400-year Baktun Cycle 1 abbreviates as Adam 400-Y Baktun Cycle 1 to show the green active portion first contributing 400-l/s-years to the Secondary Age Category total. Inactive blue color Adam 400-Y Baktun Cycle 2 amounts 800-l/s-years while generating a blue inactive 130-Tun-year age opposite to Adam Primary 130-Tun-year Age. Blue inactive ages in the Lunar/Solar 260-year Tzolken-sacred-cycle are designed to be place holding, interim steps that represent the second of two 400-Y Baktun Cycles. Figures 1A and 1B demonstrate changing the active green left half, Adam Primary 130-Tun-year Age in the first Lunar/Solar 260-year-Tzolken-sacred-cycle. Gray is used on the right side until the end of Adam 400-Y Baktun Cycle 1. Figure 1B supplants green active Adam Primary 130-Tun-year Age with the opposing Adam 130-Tun-year Age generated by Adam 400-Y Baktun Cycle 2. Gray lasts until ending Adam 800-year Generation Cycle 1.

Adam Primary 130-Tun-year Age in Lunar/Solar 260-year Tzolken-sacred-cycle Figure 1A-1B
Adam 400-Y Baktun Cycle 1 generates active green half
Adam Primary 130-Tun-year Age Figure 1A
Adam 400-Y Baktun Cycle 2 generates inactive blue half
 Adam 130-Tun-year Age Figure 1B
Adam 400-Y Baktun Cycle 1
Gray Right Side Reserves for Enos
Adam 400-Y Baktun Cycle 2
Gray Right Side Reserves for Enos

Primary Age
Lunar/Solar 260-year Tzolken-sacred-cycle skips over Seth 105-Ethiopic-year Venus Round 3 Age, from Adam Primary 130-Tun-year Age to Enos Primary 90-Tzolken-sacred-year Age. Second Patriarch Seth 105-Ethiopic-year Venus Round 3 Age is the first member in the Solar-Side 260-year-Tzolken-sacred-cycle (Genesis 5:6). Seth carries (S-S) notation to indicate he belongs to the Solar-Side order. Seth 105-Ethiopic-year Venus Round 3 Age divides Adam Primary 130-Tun-year Age from his next Adam 130-Tun-year Age half of 260-Tun-years in the scriptures. Seth isolates the Solar-Side 260-year Tzolken-sacred-cycle from the Lunar/Solar 260-year Tzolken-sacred-cycle started by Adam. Enos and Mahalaleel then divide 130-Tun-years for the two adjacent right side quarters in Figure 2A-2B. Third Patriarch Enos Primary Age converts equally from active green Enos Primary 90-Tzolken-sacred-year Age to converted Enos Primary 65-Tun-year Age. Enos conveys the (L/S) label. Crossing over Seth from Adam to Enos separates the pattern below for two opposite 65-Tun-year quarters.

Enos divides the gray right half 130-Tun-years for two 65-Tun-year parts in Figure 2A. The third quarter division of the Lunar/Solar 260-year-Tzolken-sacred-cycle is Enos Primary 90-Tzolken-sacred-year Age (Genesis 5:9). Adam Primary 130-Tun-year Age remains on the left side. Enos Primary 90-Tzolken-sacred-year Age converts using 260-day-Tzolken-sacred-years to get 65-Tun-years (Eqn. 2). Converted Enos Primary 65-Tun-year Age marks the third quarter active green to represent Enos 400-Y Baktun Cycle 5 (Eqn. 3). Enos 400-Y Baktun Cycle 6 changes the lower fourth quarter 65-Tun-years to inactive blue during the latter half of Enos Secondary 815-year Generation Cycle 2 Age.

Enos Converted Primary 65-Tun-year Age in Lunar/Solar 260-year Tzolken-sacred-cycle Figure 2A-2B
Enos 400-Y Baktun Cycle 5 generates active green third quarter
  Converted Enos Primary 65-Tun-year Age Figure 2A
Enos 400-Y Baktun Cycle 6 generates inactive blue fourth quarter
 Enos 130-Tun-year Age Figure 2B
Enos 400-Y Baktun Cycle 5
Quarter Reserves for Mahalaleel
Enos 400-Y Baktun Cycle 6
Blue Quarter
Reserves for Mahalaleel

Mahalaleeel’s given Primary 65-Tun-year Age of 360-day-Tun-years is the fourth and final quarter of the Lunar/Solar 260-year-Tzolken-sacred-cycle (Genesis 5:15). Secondary Age Category Mahalaleel 400-Y Baktun Cycle 9 generates Mahalaleel Primary 65-Tun-year Age to copy the given Enos Primary 90-Tzolken-sacred-year Age. Units for Enos Primary 90-Tzolken-sacred-year Age are converted equal to Enos Primary 65-Tun-year Age prior to adding the last active green fourth quarter, Mahalaleel Primary 65-Tun-year Age. Fourth quarter Mahalaleel Primary 65-Tun-year Age concludes the Primary Age Category First Lunar/Solar 260-year-Tzolken-sacred-cycle. Primary ages for Enos (L/S) and Cainan (S-S) pair together using 260-day-Tzolken-sacred-years that alternate with 360-day-Tun-years. Adam (L/S) and Mahalaleel (L/S) have 360-day-Tun-year primary ages. The ladder like progression of the hierarchy assigns Mahalaleel his Primary 65-Tun-year Age.

Adam (L/S) is the first Patriarch in the lineage with a Lunar/Solar
Adam Primary 130-Tun-year Age. Seth (S-S) is the second PatriarchSolar-Side Seth Primary 105-Ethiopic-year Venus Round 3 Age launches the Solar-Side 260-year-Tzolken-sacred-cycle. Enos (L/S) is the third Patriarch with either given Enos Primary 90-Tzolken-sacred-year Age or converted Enos Primary 65-Tun-year Age. Cainan (S-S) then inserts his second solar-side intervention between Enos and Mahalaleel by adding Cainan Primary 70-Tzolken-sacred-year Age (Genesis 5:12).

Cainan (S-S), like Seth (S-S) above, belongs to the Solar-Side 260-year-Tzolken-sacred-cycle. Cainan is the fourth Patriarch and shifts the Solar-Side Primary Age Category from 105-Ethiopic-years in the Jewish version to his Primary 70-Tzolken-sacred-year Age. Given Primary Age Category Enos Primary 90-Tzolken-sacred-year Age similarly alternates  from Adam's 360-day-Tun-years to 260-day-Tzolken-sacred-years for Enos, and back to Mahalaleel's 360-day-Tun-years. Character transitions in the Lunar/Solar 260-year Tzolken-sacred-cycle alternate between 360-day-Tun-years and 260-day-Tzolken-sacred-years. Whereas, Solar-Side Primary Age Category members alternate between 364-day-Ethiopic-years and 260-day-Tzolken-sacred-years. Seth (S-S) and Cainan (S-S) primary ages belong to the Solar-Side 260-year-Tzolken-sacred-cycle

Mahalaleel Primary 65-Tun-year Age Lunar/Solar 260-year Tzolken-sacred-cycle Figure 3A-3B
Mahalaleel 400-Y Baktun Cycle 9 generates active green fourth quarter
  Mahalaleel Primary 65-Tun-year Age Figure 3A
Mahalaleel 400-Y Baktun Cycle 10 generates inactive blue first quarter
of Second Lunar/Solar 260-year Tzolken-sacred-cycle Figure 3B
Mahalaleel 400-Y Baktun Cycle 9 in
Lower Right Quarter Completes
Lunar/Solar 260-year Tzolken-sacred-cycle
Mahalaleel 400-Y Baktun Cycle 10 in Blue
Left Quarter Starts Second
Lunar/Solar 260-year Tzolken-sacred-cycle and Reserves for Enoch

Mahalaleel Primary 65-Tun-year Age completes the Lunar/Solar 260-year-Tzolken-sacred-cycle that includes Adam (L/S), Enos (L/S)and Mahalaleel (L/S, Figure 3A). Mahalaleel 65-Tun-year Age also reverses the conversion process to calculate 90-Tzolken-sacred-years for the purpose of a 360-Tun-year-cycle (Eqn. 2). At the end of Mahalaleel Primary 65-Tun-year age, the delineated Lunar/Solar 260-year-Tzolken-sacred-cycle is finished (Eqn. 1). Mahalaleel's fathering of Jared begins the third phase of solar-side time reckoning.

Mahalaleel 400-Y Baktun Cycle 9 ends at midpoint of his Secondary Age Category 830-year Generation Cycle 5. Simultaneously, Mahalaleel Primary 65-Tun-year Age also ends his active green period of the Lunar/Solar 260-year-Tzolken-sacred-cycle. The cumulative Secondary Age Category table marks 3,200-l/s-years to begin Mahalaleel 400-Y Baktun Cycle 9. After Mahalaleel 400-Y Baktun Cycle 9, Mahalaleel's midpoint age level shows 3,600-l/s-years have elapsed. The first Primary Age Category Lunar/Solar 260-year-Tzolken-sacred-cycle closes and Mahalaleel 400-Y Baktun Cycle 10 adds the second 400-l/s-year half of Mahalaleel 830-year Generation Cycle 5. The end of Mahalaleel 400-Y Baktun Cycle 10 figures 4000-l/s-years. At his midpoint 3,600-l/s-year age level, Mahalaleel fathers Jared to begins the third phase of the Primary Age Solar-Side 260-year-Tzolken-sacred-cycle. Inactive blue Mahalaleel 400-Y Baktun Cycle 10 begins a new, second Primary Age Category Lunar/Solar 260-year-Tzolken-sacred-cycle. Figure 2B above illustrates how Mahalaleel 400-Y Baktun Cycle 10 fills the next inactive blue first quarter position. Mahalaleel Primary 65-Tun-year Age creates the next place holding Primary 65-Tun-year Age quarter for Enoch. 

The Antediluvian Calendar consists of a Primary Age Lunar/Solar 260-year-Tzolken-sacred-cycle and a Primary Age Solar-Side 260-year-Tzolken-sacred-cycle. Primary Ages report when the Patriarch fathers his named son and identify by active green text and graphics for the Lunar/Solar 260-year-Tzolken-sacred-cycle. Two sequential Secondary Age Category 400-year Baktun Cycles from 1-13 specify 800-year Generation Cycles 1-7 per Patriarch, succeeding from the Genesis 5:3 series order. Secondary Age Category names report remaining lifetimes. The first of two consecutive 400-year Baktun Cycles serve to generate respective named Primary Ages as halves or quarters of the applicable 260-year-Tzolken-sacred-cycle. Both types of 260-year-Tzolken-sacred-cycles count 360-day-Tun-years, with Solar-Side 364-day-Ethiopic-year modifications. Primary Age Solar-Side 260-year-Tzolken-sacred-cycle members are designated by red text and graphics. Equivalent exchanges occur regarding 360-year-Tun-cycle Primary Ages that count 260-day-Tzolken-sacred-years.

All 400-year Baktun Cycles 1-13 refer to the solar half 105-years of the extended 210-years of lunar/solar separation time. Primary age lunar/solar arithmetic allows every 400-year Baktun Cycle 1-13 to substitute corresponding  Jewish Solar 105-year Venus Rounds (S 105-Y VR). Similar color conventions for text and graphics apply for the Mayan and Egyptian (S 104-Y VR) version. Mahalaleel 400-Y Baktun Cycle 9 generates Jewish version S 105-Y VR 9, and for the Mayan & Egyptian version S 104-Y VR 9. Green text and graphics indicate the first of two 400-year Baktun Cycles are active green in the Lunar/Solar 260-year-Tzolken-sacred-cycle. Blue text and graphics represent inactive blue second 400-year Baktun Cycles. Seth (S-S), Cainan (S-S) and Jared (S-S) are active red solar-side elements of the Primary Age Category Solar-Side 260-year-Tzolken-sacred-cycle. Quarterly divisions for a 260-year-Tzolken-sacred-cycle include four 65-Tun-year parts (Eqn.4). Quarterly divisions of a 360-year-Tun-cycle include four 90-Tzolken-sacred-year parts (Eqn.5). Colored pie charts and related graphics in the Holy_of_Holies follow similar nomenclature.

Originating near Sumer, North Africa and Egypt, the Mayan 5200-year Great Cycle of long ago continues to take shape. Two Secondary Age Category increments of 400-year Baktun Cycles make each 800-year Generation Cycle. Primary Age Category halves and quarters in Lunar/Solar and Solar-Side 260-year-Tzolken-sacred-cycles define the extensive calendar system. Every 400-year Baktun Cycle either begins, marks the midpoint age level or ends character Secondary Ages in the Antediluvian Calendar of Genesis 5. Finally, bear in mind ancients were actually observing and doing astonishing calculations many thousands of years ago.

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Primary 65-Year Age of Mahalaleel is the fourth quarter division of the Lunar/Solar 260-year-Tzolken-sacred-cycle in the Primary Age Category of the Antediluvian Calendar. Genesis 5 lists the Patriarchs that include Adam, Seth, Enos, Cainan, Mahalaleel, Jared and Enoch. Exchanges occur between Mayan Calendar 260-day-Tzolken-sacred-years and 360-day-Tun-years. Cart Item P65YAM Updated PDF 11/14

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Equations 1-5

Primary Age Lunar/Solar 260-year-Tzolken-sacred-cycle
1. 130-Tun-year Primary Age of Adam
+ 65-Tun-year Converted Primary Age of Enos
+ 65-Tun-year Primary Age of Mahalaleel
= Primary Age Lunar/Solar 260-year-Tzolken-sacred-cycle
Enos Primary 90-Tzolken-sacred-year Age converts to Enos 65-Tun-years
2.  90-Tzolken-sacred-years
x 260-day-Tzolken-sacred-years
= 23,400-days in Enos Primary 90-Tzolken-sacred-year Age are third quarter of Lunar/Solar 260-year-Tzolken-sacred-cycle
= Primary 65-Tun-year Age of Enos

Converted Primary 65-Tun-year age of Enos
3.  65-Tun-year Age of Enos
x 360-day-Tun-years
= 23,400-days in Converted Primary 65-Tun-year Age of Enos are third quarter of Lunar/Solar 260-year-Tzolken-sacred-cycle

Quarterly Divisions of 260-year-Tzolken-sacred-cycle
4. 65-Tun-years quarter a 260-year-Tzolken-sacred-cycle
x 4 quarters
= 260-year-Tzolken-sacred-cycle

Quarterly Divisions of 360-year-Tun-cycle
5. 90-Tzolken-sacred-years quarter a 360-year-Tun-cycle
x 4 quarters
= 360-Tzolken-sacred-years
= 360-year-Tun-cycle

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